Don’t let dispensers go empty.

The new Tork EasyCube™ Intelligent Restroom System helps you keep restrooms clean and stocked in the most efficient way.

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Improve your operational efficiency.

Use the real-time, actionable information from Tork EasyCube to optimize the use of your cleaning staff, enhance your image and reduce complaints.

EasyCube dispenser

Turn data into action.

  • Know which supplies are needed, and when.
  • Give the right information to the right staff.
  • Prevent supply outages and complaints.
  • Free up time for more critical issues.
  • Analyze data, see trends and make long-term plans.

Stay informed — anytime, anywhere.

Tork EasyCube tells you when restrooms need cleaning and supplies need refilling — so you don’t have to keep checking.

  • Sensors

    Sensors measure fill levels and number of visitors

  • Data hub

    A data hub collects and organizes sensor data

  • Web app

    The web app lets you access the data on any device

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